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Drummond Staff


DISCLAIMER: The Drummond Eye Clinic and its Staff are authorized by the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) to screen and treat CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY.



Drummond Eye Clinic

Our mission is to provide timely access to the highest quality ophthalmologic services with state-of-the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and excellent medical and surgical eye care. Completely bilingual services are provided in English and French. Services in many other languages are also available.

Our warm and friendly eye care Staff at the Drummond Eye Clinic provide dedicated patient support through their technical, interpersonal and administrative roles.

Dr. Shawn Cohen completed a fellowship in glaucoma at Duke University in North Carolina. In his current role as Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at McGill University, Dr. Cohen specializes in routine and complicated glaucoma and cataract surgery. His research interests include reversal of vision loss in glaucoma and advanced surgical techniques. As an Active Member of the Canadian and American Glaucoma Societies, Active Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and 11 other National and International Societies, Dr. Cohen is always on the cutting edge of the knowledge in his field. He is an Ambassador of the St. Mary's Society, Advocacy Representative for McGill University Department of Ophthalmology and actively participates in a number of the Department's Committees.

Dr. Conrad Kavalec specializes in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery and performs cosmetic blepharoplasties. As the current Chief of Ophthalmology at St. Mary's Hospital, and Past-President of the Association des Médecins Ophtalmologistes du Québec, Dr. Kavalec is one of McGill University's top cataract surgeons. Dr. Kavalec is also a pediatric ophthalmologist based both at the Montreal Children's Hospital and the Drummond Eye Clinic and is an Exucutive Member of McGill University's Department of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Rosanna Antonecchia and Dr. Ramina Nissan provide optometric eye care services for the Drummond Eye Clinic. Our optometrists provide excellent healthy eye care, executive eye care and contact lens prescriptions and care.

Dr. Kavalec and Dr. Cohen are very proud to be part of the McGill University Department of Ophthalmology where patient care is the priority and professionalism and competence are a must. The Drummond Eye Clinic is an officially recognized McGill Teaching Center.

Disclaimer: The Drummond Eye Clinic and its Staff are authorized by the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) to screen and treat Canadian residents only.

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The Drummond Eye Care Team is a pround supporter of the Mira Foundation.






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