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McGill Ophthalmology

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Click the links below to Download the file:   Click the links below to be directed to the Link:   Featured Links and Downloads:
Eye Care Basics   Information on Therapeutic Options   MUHC Cataract Surgery Guides
Eye Anatomy   Cataracts and Cataract Surgery   English Version
Eye Drop Schedule Sheet: English   Glaucoma Surgery: Trabeculectomy   French Version
Eye Drop Schedule Sheet: French   SLT Treatment for Glaucoma    
Eye Drop Schedule Sheet: Microsoft Excel downloadable file   Laser Iridotomy Explanation    
Cataract Surgery Steps: Cartoon   Laser Iridotomy Link    
Cataract Surgery Steps: Pictures   YAG Laser Capsulotomy    
Cataract Surgery: Artist's View of the Experience!        
Glaucoma Overview   Links to Helpful Sites    
Pearls to Improve Patient Compliance   Glossary: Eye Care Terms and Definitions    
Take the Dry Eye Test: Bring the results to your doctor!   Super Eye Care Pearls by Dr. Shawn Cohen    
How to Place Eye Drops   Introduction to Glaucoma by Ophthobook    
    Canadian Ophthalmological Society    
Publications and Interviews   American Glaucoma Society    
Glaucoma Eye Care Checklist   A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma    
Aging Eye Public Lecture Series   West Coast Glaucoma: Dr. Robert Schertzer    
Glaucoma Overview / Cupping Reversal   Montreal Association for the Blind    
The PAI Index: Summary of Glaucoma Prediction study   Institute Nazareth & Louis Braille    
The PAI Index in Diabetes (Publication 1999)   Canadian National Institute for the Blind    
The PAI Index and Glaucoma Prediction (Publication 2003)   Mira Foundation    
A Canadian Glaucoma Strategy: CJO 2007   French TV Report on Glaucoma (Pulsations TV Février 2009)    
Interprofessional Collaboration in Glaucoma Care: CJO 2011   Ocular Hypertension Publication    
    Quebec Glaucoma Foundation (Bilingual)    
Educational Materials and Lecture Notes for Ophthalmology Residents   Stem Cell Therapy: Facts (Foundation For Fighting Blindess)    
Surgical Principles: Cataract Surgery   The Best Single Thing We Can Do For Our Health    
Surgical Principles: Combined Cataract & Glaucoma Surgery   Gonioscopy Resources    
COS Canadian Cataract Guidelines (English and French)        
COS Canadian Glaucoma Guidelines (English and French)   References For Surgeons    
Visual Fields Part 1: Kinetic   PubMed    
Visual Fields Part 2: Static   McGill VPN Login    
Visual Fields Part 3: Progression   Toric IOL Calculator Alcon    
Visual Fields Part 4: Neurological Toric IOL Calculator Abbott AMO    
Ocular Imaging and Instrumentation   Toric IOL Baylor Nomogram    
Ocular Blood Flow Astigmatism Fix    
Secondary Open-Angle Glaucomas   High Myopia Axial Length Adjustment    
Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma   Lasik / PRK IOL Calculator ASCRS    
Clinical Trials in Glaucoma   Laser LRI Calculator AMO    
RAND: Appropriateness of Treatment of Glaucoma Suspects   RAMQ Codes (Password Required)    
OHTS Risk Calculator   Mainport: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada    
Surgical Learning: Introduction   Google Translation    
Advanced Surgical Principles        
Dual Simultaneous Glaucoma Implants        
Scuba Diving and Ophthalmology        
Royal College Exam Approach      
Anesthetic Classes   Administrator Login    
CanMEDS Physician        
Differential Diagnosis: Topics in Glaucoma        

















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