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Frank Buller Award Shawn Cohen


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In the News...

Visual Field Improvement in Glaucoma (Click for Article)

Free Public Glaucoma Education Seminar (McGill University)  

Letter to The Gazette August 29, 2017 (Click to view PDF)

VFI Improvement




2020 Sessions English 2020 Sessions en français
February 3 9 mars
April 20 11 mai
June 8 21 septembre
October 19 23 novembre
Letter Gazette
Project Manager: Marc Renaud
(Click here for Education Center information)
Location: Jewish General Hospital, Room A-102 (Click here for Map)
Please register: by email: Click Here or by Phone: (514) 340-8222 local 24954
      CJAD Radio Interview August 29, 2017: Click to hear mp3 audio

VFI Improvement


Sometimes, glaucoma gets better! Dr. Cohen is actively conducting research into the improving and reversing of visual field loss in patients with glaucoma. (Click to view pre-print manuscript)

  Global TV Focus Montreal January 16, 2010


Nov. 13, 2009 Column by Mike Boone of The Gazette



Letter To the Editor   Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, Montreal Gazette, August 22, 2014        
Letter To Editor

Mike Boone

Laser Cataract   CJAD    
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For PDF version click here


Interview Oct. 5, 2008 WMAMA

Interview mp3 version






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